Automatic Core Blowers

Core Blowers for Vertically Split Tooling
of Medium to High Production                                   
High Performance is now affordable
*Fully Automatic continuous                                         *Completely wired and pumped for easy Installation
       cycle operation
     *Shrouded for fumes collection                                    *PLC controlled with Touch Screen Interface (AB)
       and removal
     *For vertically split tooling                                             *Conical Sand Hopper with porcelain lining and vibrators
     *Operator remote control                                             *Designed for easy core box set up
     *Complete OSHA compliance                                       *Fully tested to critical standards in GFE's facility
                         *Hydraulic control package for box position, roll cylinder, lift table and conveyor
                         *Pneumatic box clamping cylinders and clamping air bag
                         *Hydraulic core box clamping is available and quoted as an option upon request
Automatic VSTB-RD Core Blower
Semi Automatic VSTB Core blower


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